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My account was not approved, what do I do?
Due to the fact that we have on average 50-100 spammers signing up on the forum every few days, some accounts are accidently deleted. This email is generated automatically when an account is deleted.

  • To solve this issue, plese sign up again or email with username, and email and we will generate a password which you can change once you log in. We will then create you an account.

What are the Membership Requirements?
There are no membership requirements, the email generated is automatic and from the forum software.

Reasons an account might have been removed
Here are some possible reasons why an account was removed from the site:

  • Your email was found in a spam list or has been tagged as spam on other forums
  • Your ip is on a spam list or proxy list
  • You have registered recently on many forums, and not posted
  • Your username is the same as your email (do not use this idea, you will not get your account approved)
  • Random letters and numbers in username
  • Username contains banned or inappropriate words

What should I do to maxmize my chances of my account being approved?
Some small tips to get your account approved faster:

  • Do not register an email and account with the same name
  • Do not use a proxy when registering
  • Try to use a username that you use on other forums, it allows us to check if you are a legitimate user
  • Try to use an email from your internet provider, not a free one
  • Email us at with username and email

Final check before approval
Before I approve any accounts we are uncertain about, we send an email to the email provided with a request for the username which you signed up under. If you receive such an email, please reply as soon as possible, any email not replying within one week are automatically deleted.

I was on vacation when I received your email for account confirmation
We understand people go on vacations and are busy, but if your account was deleted because you were away or did not check your email, please do not email us and complain that your account was not approved, please sign up again.

Is there a thread on the forum explaining all this?
Yes there is a thread on the forum explaning all this information and has been on the forum since new user moderation was enacted.

Please click Here

What email should I use to register with?
It is best to register with an email from your internet provider as those are rarely seen as spam emails, where as email accounts from hotmail, gmail and yahoo are associated with spammers and we will have to confirm that an account is genuine and not a spammer.

Can my email and username be the same?
No, please do not register your email name as your account name, since we delete those accounts right away. Please be advised, using the same username on CarSpyShots as another forum you use allows us to confirm the account faster. Unfortunately, any account on other forums with 0 posts and recent registration date are deleted.

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