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Cozz 03-06-2008 03:10 AM

Problem with signature size...

Forums rules show a moving sig should not be over 100Kb and at 500x90 in size. I have a sig smaller than that size with only 76Kb yet an error pops up telling me it's to big in Kb?

It looks to be 9.8Kb max size in a sig yet the rules say 100Kb? Bit lost here.

Ascariss 03-06-2008 04:26 AM

odd it was a 100, let me check if I can change it. best thing to do is host it off the site on another server.

Comrade 03-06-2008 05:53 AM

I noticed my simple words-only signature seems to only work in the Help forum. :confused:

Cozz 03-06-2008 03:11 PM


Originally Posted by Ascariss (Post 323163)
odd it was a 100, let me check if I can change it. best thing to do is host it off the site on another server.

I tried it from another server with the same problem. I tried a bunch of different ways but nothing worked. I have my own server so I can use it from there but it refuses to load up.


CosworthKid 04-01-2008 11:44 PM

I had same issues with both my sig and avatar, hence why i ended up using a ready-made gif for my avatar and no signature. I tried many times in Photoshop and i got exactly the same problem as message and problem as Cozz

Kramer 08-06-2008 06:12 AM

Bump. And yeah, i'm trying to upload this new "Kramer" siggy that I made in CS3. It's 87.7kb and it's too big. No matter how I compress it, it only gets to 30kb... apparently the rules say it can be 100kb but I cant seem to be able to upload anything =(

Ascariss 08-06-2008 07:20 AM

ok apologies everyone, apparently I am an idiot and couldn't find where I had to modify the info for normal users. :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang:

but I found it now, if was in the usergroups area :headbang::headbang: I changed some stuff around now:

Maximum Number of Images in Signature is now 6

Profile Picture Maximum Width (pixels) - 150
Profile Picture Maximum Height (pixels) - 150
Profile Picture Maximum File Size (bytes) - 66000 (or around 64KB)
-this is for profile pictures not avatars

avatar info is here
Custom Avatar Maximum Width (pixels) - 140
Custom Avatar Maximum Height (pixels) - 90
Custom Avatar Maximum File Size (bytes) - 41000 (should be 40KB)

now signatures
Signature Image Maximum Width (pixels) - 600
Signature Image Maximum Height (pixels) - 120
Signature Image Maximum Filesize (bytes) - 102400 (should be 100KB now)

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