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MCLAREN P_10 02-22-2008 02:28 AM

20?? Supercars
I thought it was only fair for me to share with everyone the news that I have heard as well as the rumors of future supercars from around the world. So please feel free to share any news that you all have heard as well as rumors, this is for any and everyone that has anything to say, you know voice your opinion on rumors as well as news. I will start this post off, with all the supercars that I have heard about.

20?? Ferrari FX70, the successor to the Enzo is well into the early stages of design, and the car should be a break from traditional supercars in this class. The car is expected to be lighter, as well as more compact then alot of cars in it's class. The rumors once suggested that Ferrari had a 7.0 liter normally aspirated V-12 producing 900 BHP, but this has been prove untrue thanks to the new emissions regualtions, Ferrai has 2 other choices that will power the new Prancing Horse. First of these 2 choices are high-revving Direct injection twin-turbo 4.0 V-8 good for roughly 700 BHP, the second choice is a high revving Direct injection twin-turbo 4.6 liter V-12 producing as much as 800 BHP. Both are very good choices but I prefer to see Ferrari's supercar stay with the V-12, with body panels slated to be a comdination fo carbon fiber and RTM( Fiber Glass almost as light and strong as carbon fiber).

20?? Lamborghini JOTA, the successor to the Murcielago is slated to be lighter, as well as more powerful then it's predessors. This car will switch to a aluminum spaceframe changing from the current Lamborghini's steel tub frame. This car will be more compact, and wil still offer a great performence, and overall speed. The engine of choice will be a Direct injection 6.0 liter V-12, a engine based on a stretched Gallardo V-10, with a claimed horsepower rating of 700 BHP. Also expect this car will take a new styling direction closer to that of the Reventon, with all body panels made of cabron fiber and aluminum. Also expect the usual varients of this model, such as a GT/SV/LP.

20?? Mercedes SLC, the successor to the SLR( despite what many think). This model is currently in the devleopment stages with a concept slated to be shown at the upcoming Geneva Autoshow. This model will make use of several different versions of AMG's handbuilt 6.2 liter V-8, with the base model slated for a 600 BHP version, with 2 twin-turbo versions ranging from 750 BHP, and a even more extreme version with close to 1000 BHP. With the body panels made of carbon fiber, expect this model to be truly extreme supercar. The power will be transferred to the road via a 7 speed F1 style paddle-shift transmission. If all goes well with the SLC, Mercedes is prepared to develop a low volume production of sports and supercars with HWA, with a second model already in the planning, a true mid-engine supercar powered by the twin-turbo 6.2 liter V-8 producing over 1000 BHP, this model is codenamed StreamLiner, and could possibly be partnered with the Aston Martin NPX supercar.

20?? McLaren P11, the nect inline supercar from McLaren. This car will not be a competitor to the F430 and Gallardo, it will actually be in a class above those 2 models. The engine for this model will be a high revving Hand-built AMG 6.2 liter V-8 producing 620 BHP. This model will also offer a cabriolet version , and could also see a second model spun off of it with even more horsepower.

20?? BMW M1, BMW are in the early stages of development on this model. To keep this model as secret as possible BMW has been planning this model to be built along side there F1 cars at Sauber's headquaters. This model will use a carbon fiber monocoque chassis, ith aluminum and magnesium subframes. Power will come from either a twin-turbo direct injection 5.5 liter V-10 producing as much as 700 BHP, or a even more extreme version of the twin-turbo M3 4.4 liter engine producing 650 BHP form it's enlarged engine, which is said to be about 5.1 liters. This carbon fiber monocoque will likely show up on a nother model that I will explain to everyone later.

20?? Porsche GT1, the successor to the Carrera GT, is slated to bea road going LeMans racer, pretty much picking up where the Carerra GT left off. The power for this car will come from a enlarged to 6.0 liter twin-turbo V-10 producing roughly 1000 BHP. This model will be a super lightweight supercar with minimal gadgets inside to make the car more compact as well as more focused. Expect power to go to the rear wheels via a 7 speed transmission. However don't expect this model anytime soon, due t the fact that Porsche is still sorting through everything from the Carerra GT, which didn't hit production cost targets turn around. Not only that, Porsche fans won't plan to buy another supercar so close to the final production Carerra GT.

20?? Pagani C9, the successor to the Zonda . This model will be wider, and slightly longer then the Zonda for improved cockpit room as well as storage. This car is currently in the devleopment stage, and was slated for the first public showing at a upcoming autoshow this year, but with the Zonda R being delayed, we might not see this car until late this year or early next year. The power for this car will come from a new AMG co-developed with Pagani V-12 producing 700 BHP, and 627 lbs feet of torque, with all of that going to the rear wheels through 2 different transmissions, the first is a traditional 6 speed manual, the second is a sequetial shift transmission that would operate like a F1 style transmission. Either way both will send this supercar to a topspeed above 210 MPH.

20?? Saleen, a new sportscar is slated to either replace or accomany the S7 successor, this model will be powered by a Ford Racing 302(5.0 liter) V-8 producing 525 BHP, in normal aspirated form, and 600 BHP in twin-turbo form. This model will send the power to the rear wheels via a 6 speed manual transmission. Expect this cars body to be made of carbon fiber, and aluminum.

20?? Spyker, is currently looking for a new engine deal that will see more performence then that found in the Audi sourced V-8, and W-12's. The rumors have it that Spyker have started talks with Chrysler and Ford, for a engine deal. The bodies for these new Spykers are slated to be made of aluminum as they currently are, with a 6 speed manual transmission also sourced from the respective companies that will supply the new engines.

20?? Ascari, is currently planning a new model that will be a even more extreme sportscar then the KZ-1 and A10 powered by a BMW sourced M series V-10, with power going to the rear wheels via a 6 speed manal as well as sequential **** transmission.

This is not a supercar that is coming to market, but I figured that everyone needs to hear about. I believe everyone knows that Rolls-Royce has been planning a land-speed record challenging car. As I have heard it, this car will be powered by a twin-turbo version of the EX100's 9.0 liter V-16, that will produce 1000 BHP, at the rear-wheel. The power will be sent to the rear-wheels via a 7 speed F1 transmission. This cars carbon fiber monocoque chassis that it will share with BMW's Sauber developed M1 supercar. I would personally like to say that a car like this would be great to see production,

20?? Prodrive developed NPX, Aston Martin's next sportcars. I have heard that it will be a mid-engine supercar, with a horsepower rating of 800 BHP from a Prodrive developed race developeddirect injection V-12 displacing 6.0 liter, with Prodrive also developing a engine of the same displacement, with less horsepower for the offical Vanquish successor the DBX . I have heard Aston Martin could be looking to develop several models with Mercedes-Benz, with Prodrive recieveing help from AMG/HWA for building the NPX ona shared mid-engined carbon fiber monocoque with a purposed Mercedes CLR supercar. I ca't leave out the latest news on the DBX, this model will bea new design direction for Aston Martin, with a 7 speed sequetial transaxle send power to the road. The engine that is being developed for the DBX is a lower revving 6.0 liter Prodrive developed V-12 producing 700 BHP. and could share a chassis and components with the 20??SLC.

20?? Bugatti, a successor to the Veyron, is currently under discussion at VAG, with a planned sportscar codenamed Project Lydia. Many articles have stated that Bugatti wll not bring this model to production, but I believe they will, just not in the extreme form that those articles have mentioned. I figure a quad-turbo V or W-12 producing about 800 BHP, would be more practical, then another 1000+ BHP hypercar, and could be easily serviced if needed at a Bentley dealership. I will say that if this models sees production it will share it's chassis and drivetrain with Lamborghini's Murcielago successor, and the body anels will be made of carbon fiber and aluminum also, however don't exept this model to have scissor doors like the EB110. I have said on several occassions that Bugatti would replace the Veyron with 2 models, not just 1. The second model would be a 4 door coupe, witha GT 2+2 cockpit, roughly sized between the Maybach 57 and 62, that will offer plenty of leg room, for a super-luxury saloon of this class. Expected to power this luxury liner is a purposed quad-turbo 8. 0 liter W-16 producing roughly 850 +BHP, and should spawn a 2 door cabriolet and coupe in the vein of the Atlantic coupe.

DoMiNo 02-22-2008 04:51 PM

Wow, great run-down! I hope you're dead-on about all of them. The most surprising was the Rolls Royce... where'd you hear about that one?

63Bonneville 02-22-2008 11:06 PM

MCLAREN P_10, that is quite some impressive list/rundown, news, and intelligence! I really hope this all comes to fruition. Some of the items I have heard and read about, as well as discussed and read from you via other posts and threads.

Only shortcomings from the otherwise outstanding list: The next Lambo Murcilago (JOTA), though more potent, being more compact; I would figure that, being it's sitting above the Gallardo, it should maintain a size prosiness. The same for the Ferrari Enzo successor, the FX70, though a halo likely to be built in small numbers like the Enzo and it's predecessors, with a direction it's to take: let's hope it maintains the V12 application. That reminds me of what the Ferrari CEO said "no small Ferraris" though he was referring to any thoughts of a Dino successor. I also hope to see the Porsche GT1, the Carrera GT successor materialize.

Spyker: I also read that they were negotiating an engine deal for upcoming models, I'm also looking forward to the unique D12 based on the Peking-to-Paris show vehicle.

I didn't know anything about that Rolls Royce effort, it's news to me. I hope this materializes as well with production, albeit limited, is decided upon. Please give me more insight and information on this.

If this also fits in this company, I'm sure Maybach is also moving forward on next generations and additions, even though most of the listing on your post deal with the high-end sports/GT, yet the Bugatti "Royale" plans are mentioned.

Also this (I placed this in another one of your threads): The Dimoria Natalia SLS - link below (click or copy & paste):

This is to be one said to trump all, and with a V16 engine! Again, it's more luxury/performance and deserves a mention in the list, too.

Of course, everything mentioned in the list from Aston Martin to Zonda are exclusive and limited models, and would generally have no impact to concerns of fuel mileage and CO2 emissions, as some like to express concern about.

DoMiNo 02-23-2008 12:18 AM

Oh please. The Natalia is a joke, it will probably never materialize. From what I can see, DiMora haven't made any progress on building a running prototype, much less a production automobile, so I will believe it when I see it. Its design--or lack thereof--betrays the fact that this is an underfunded side-project of someone who just wants to build a $2 million car for the sake of doing so. It looks terrible, and there's nothing but renders on that old website of theirs. I'd rather have a Veyron and a few Bentleys than that heap, even if it were for real.

63Bonneville 02-23-2008 04:23 AM

I have faith in the rare and exotic Natalia; It's coming along and I get the regular newsletters via e-mail. It was stated that there are several orders placed on the car already. It looks like it has some polarity, which many vehicles that stand out in so many genres do, and I figure it'll be more handsome in the metal than in the CGI renderings.

In the exclusive high-end, supercar, hypercar, upper-eschelon segment, it's all about the excess on many levels, be it sports, GT or luxury-liner sedan. This segment will grow over the next couple of years with nice things happening!

While were on this, there's another independent manufacturer which wants to start up an old, bespoke and familiar marque, the Duesenberg...
There's been sever articles on the known automotive-related sites pertaining to this. A prototype or introduction of, in this case the Duesenberg Torpedo, was supposed to premiere in 2007, but later pushed back to mid-2008. Here is a link to one of the articles which should give more insight (either click on or copy & paste):

I suppose this could also be fitting in this company that this topic is about.

63Bonneville 03-10-2008 04:18 AM

This will probably account for some of the listings and projections of supercars which MCLAREN P_10 posted to begin this thread, as well as the ongoing success of the Bugatti Veryon, which should account for Bugatti, as well as others, to move forward with projects and models. The link below is one of the articles, which wound up on a couple of automotive related websites:

If this is of any support, there is another article regarding the success of the recently introduced Rolls Royce Phantom Coupe and Drophead convertible:

silver-arrow 03-10-2008 09:55 PM

Its quite mixed up...The successor of the SLR will not be a McLaren but it will be designed by HWA(more reasonable since HWA has much experience in DTM cars)
But on the other hand, McLaren is building another supercar, powered by a Mercedes engine?!

MCLAREN P_10 03-12-2008 03:58 AM

The Rolls-Royce program came about a little over a year ago. The first idea of this project came about as a BMW Skunkwoerks Program for a new hypercar to compete with the Bugatti Veyron, which became a hypercar to test the limits of BMW's M Division engineering programs. This gave way toa hypercar that would test the limits of the hypercar standards, as a landspeed record challenger. The first signs of life in this project came as Rolls-Royce celebrated the 100th Anniversery of the meeting between Charles Rolls and Henry Royce , with the 9.0 liter V-16 EX100. This engine was developed to showcase that BMW could make any number of engines, to compete with any competitor, with a horsepower rating of 700 BHP, this engine when twin-turbo charged could produce over 1000 BHPactually closer to 1100 BHP, at the rear wheels. BMW desided that it needed to show that Rolls-Royce could produce such a competitor, but the Supervisory Board desided against such a hypercar, that would compete with the Bugatti Veyron, and would have carried to high of a pricetag. Rolls-Royce desided it best to make just 2 of these hypercars, one for testing at the Bonneville Salt Flats, and the other for the company museum.

63Bonneville 03-12-2008 04:25 AM

I wish I could at least see a photo or a rendering of this vehicle. There are (or are going to be) 2 examples, you say; I would still like to see this in some production, but Rolls-Royce is bolstering it's line-up exceptionally well at this point, taking into account the Phantom and Phantom LWB, the Coupe and Drophead, and the upcoming "big" baby, or what I like to call a thoroughly modern take on the previous Silver Spur/Seraph models.

MCLAREN P_10 03-12-2008 08:04 PM

I actually have the prototype name for this hypercar, it is codenamed Silver Ghost, named for the first Rolls-Royce Motor Cars. This Rolls-Royce will be the first in it's class for Rolls-Royce and this model could be producd in limited numbers with the help of BMW-Sauber racing, that will developed the carbon fiber monocoque chassis for the Bonneville racer. A car like this could see a large return on it's investment if sent into limited production, of say 50 cars, priced at $1,300,000, due to the fact that the cars chassis will be shared with the BMW M1 supercar.

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