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SV 10-29-2005 01:18 PM

Montgomery Group

Most of you probably already know about the Montgomery group, but for those who don't, it's my own imaginary car company consisting of three brands: Montgomery AG, Shannon AG, and Avioli SpA.


<FONT SIZE="5"><b>Montgomery</b></FONT> <FONT COLOR="gray"><FONT SIZE="5">AG</FONT></FONT>

Founded in 1951, Montgomery is a mainstream brand competing with Ford, Opel, Toyota, and Volkswagen, among others.

<B>Brand headquarters:</B> Hamburg, Germany


<FONT SIZE="3"><b>Grand Legend IV</b></FONT>
<FONT COLOR="gray">Full-size MPV</FONT>
Original release date: January 2008
<A HREF="" TARGET="_blank">Grand Legend front</A>
<A HREF="" TARGET="_blank">Grand Legend interior
Grand Legend press release
Specifications: N/A
Pricing: N/A


<FONT SIZE="3"><b>Gyro Klassik</b></FONT>
<FONT COLOR="gray">Europe budget B-Segment (supermini)</FONT>
Original release date: March 2004, facelift March 2007
<A HREF="" TARGET="_blank">Gyro Klassik front</A>
<A HREF="" TARGET="_blank">Gyro Klassik interior</A>
<A HREF="" TARGET="_blank">Gyro press release (2007)</A>
<A HREF="" TARGET="_blank">Gyro Klassik specifications</A>
<A HREF="" TARGET="_blank">Gyro pricing</A>


<FONT SIZE="3"><b>Gyro VII</b></FONT>
<FONT COLOR="gray">B-Segment (supermini)</FONT>
Original release date: March 2010
<A HREF="" TARGET="_blank">Gyro VII 5-door</A>
Gyro VII 4-door
<A HREF="" TARGET="_blank">Gyro VII press release</A>
Gyro VII US press release
Gyro specifications: N/A
Gyro pricing: N/A


<FONT SIZE="3"><b>Horizon II</b></FONT>
<FONT COLOR="gray">Compact SUV</FONT>
Original release date: Summer 2011
<A HREF="" TARGET="_blank">Horizon II</A>
<A HREF="">Horizon II press release</A>


<FONT SIZE="3"><b>Icon II</b></FONT>
<FONT COLOR="gray">C-segment hatch/sedan</FONT><br>Original release date: Fall 2009
<A HREF="" TARGET="_blank">Icon II 5-door</A>
Icon II RSport
<A HREF="" TARGET="_blank">Icon II 4-door</A>
Icon II interior
<A HREF=""_blank">Icon II press release</A>
Icon II RSport press release
<A HREF="">Icon II US press release</A>
<A HREF="" TARGET="_blank">Icon II specifications</A>
<A HREF=""_blank">Icon II pricing</A>


<FONT SIZE="3"><B>Iota</B></FONT>
<FONT COLOR="gray">A-Segment (city car)</FONT>
Original release date: Fall 2005
<A HREF="" TARGET="_blank">Iota front</A>
<A HREF="" TARGET="_blank">Iota rear</A>
<A HREF="" TARGET="_blank">Iota interior</A>
<A HREF="" TARGET="_blank">Iota Press release</A>
Specifications: N/A
Pricing: N/A


<FONT SIZE="3">Merit</FONT>
<FONT COLOR="gray">Hybrid C-segment</FONT>
Original release date: Summer 2012
Merit front
Merit press release
Specifications: N/A
Pricing: N/A


<FONT COLOR="gray">Global budget B-segment (supermini)</FONT>
Original release date: Summer 2010
Mío front
Mío press release
Specifications: N/A
Pricing: N/A


<FONT SIZE="3"><b>Nova II</b></FONT>
<FONT COLOR="gray">Compact MPV</FONT>
Original release date: March 2004
<A HREF="" TARGET="_blank">Nova II front</A>
<A HREF="" TARGET="_blank">Nova II press release</A>
<A HREF="" TARGET="_blank">Nova II specifications</A>
<A HREF="" TARGET="_blank">Nova II pricing</A>


<FONT SIZE="3"><b>SV100 V</b></FONT>
<FONT COLOR="gray">Midsize sedan/hatch/estate (D-Segment)</FONT>
Original release date: Fall 2007
SV100 front
SV100 interior I
SV100 interior II
SV100 press release
Specifications: N/A
Pricing: N/A
SV100 exterior blueprint


<FONT SIZE="3"><b>Tugela</b></FONT>
<FONT COLOR="gray">Sporty MPV</FONT>
Original release date: May 2008
Tugela front
Tugela interior
Tugela press release
Specifications: N/A
Pricing: N/A
Tugela exterior blueprint


Previous models:

SV100 IV (2001-2007; replaced by SV100 V)
Grand Legend III (2001-2007; replaced by Grand Legend IV)
Horizon I (2005-2011; replaced by Horizon II)
Icon I (2003-2009; replaced by Icon II)
Pioneer (2003-2009; discontinued without replacement)

SV 10-29-2005 01:37 PM

<FONT SIZE="5"><B>Shannon</B> <FONT COLOR="gray">AG</FONT></FONT>

Shannon is the group's main luxury brand, purchased by Montgomery in the late 1970s when it was near collapse; it's now back on its way up and is vying for Mercedes, Audi, and BMW customers.

<B>Brand headquarters:</B> Cologne, Germany


<FONT SIZE="3"><B>Type 2</B></FONT>
<FONT COLOR="gray">C-Segment hatch</FONT>
Original release date: Fall 2011 (March 2006 as Series 2)
<A HREF="" TARGET="_blank">Shannon Type 2 front</A>
<A HREF="" TARGET="_blank">Shannon Type 2 rear</A>
<A HREF="" TARGET="_blank">Shannon Type 2 interior</A>
<A HREF="" TARGET="_blank">Shannon Type 2 press release</A>
Specifications: N/A
Pricing: N/A


<FONT SIZE="3"><B>Series 3</B></FONT>
<FONT COLOR="gray">Roadster</FONT>
Original release date: Fall 2005
<A HREF="" TARGET="_blank">Shannon Series 3 front</A>
<A HREF="" TARGET="_blank">Shannon Series 3 rear</A>
<A HREF="" TARGET="_blank">Shannon Series 3 interior</A>
<A HREF="" TARGET="_blank">Shannon Series 3 press release</A>
<A HREF="" TARGET="_blank">Shannon Series 3 specifications and pricing</A>


<FONT SIZE="3"><b>Type 4</b></FONT>
<FONT COLOR="gray">D-segment executive sedan/estate</FONT>
Original release date: Fall 2008 (Fall 2004 as Series 4)
<A HREF="" TARGET="_blank">Shannon Type 4 front</A>
<A HREF="" TARGET="_blank">Shannon Type 4 interior</A>
<A HREF="" TARGET="_blank">Shannon Type 4 press release</A>
<A HREF="" TARGET="_blank">Shannon Series 4 specifications</A>
Pricing: N/A


<FONT SIZE="3"><b>Type 6</b></FONT>
<FONT COLOR="gray">E-segment executive sedan/estate</FONT>
Original release date: Fall 2010
<A HREF="" TARGET="_blank">Shannon Type 6 sedan</A>
<A HREF="" TARGET="_blank">Shannon Type 6 press release</A>
Specifications: N/A
Pricing: N/A


<FONT SIZE="3"><B>Series 7</B></FONT>
<FONT COLOR="gray">Luxury SUV</FONT>
Original release date: Fall 2005
<A HREF="" TARGET="_blank">Shannon Series 7 front</A>
<A HREF="" TARGET="_blank">Shannon Series 7 rear</A>
<A HREF="" TARGET="_blank">Shannon Series 7 interior</A>
<A HREF="" TARGET="_blank">Shannon Series 7 press release</A>
Specifications: N/A
Pricing: N/A


<FONT SIZE = "3"><b>Series 8</b></FONT>
<FONT COLOR="gray">Luxury sedan</FONT>
Original release date: Fall 2003
<A HREF=" g" TARGET="_blank">Shannon Series 8 front</A>
<A HREF="" TARGET="_blank">Shannon Series 8 rear</A>
Press release: N/A
Specifications: N/A
Pricing: N/A

SV 10-29-2005 01:54 PM


<FONT SIZE="5"><B>Avioli</B> <FONT COLOR="gray">SpA</FONT></FONT></CENTER>

Acquired by Montgomery in 2003, Avioli occupies a spot in the marketplace similar to Shannon, a brand with which it shares most under-the-skin engineering, but is a more left-field, emotional choice, coming from Italy.

<B>Brand headquarters:</B> Alvito, Italy


<FONT SIZE = "3"><B>Alvito</B></FONT>
<FONT COLOR="gray">Entry-level executive sedan</FONT>
Original release date: March 2004
<A HREF="" TARGET="_blank">Avioli Alvito front</A>
Press release: N/A
Specifications: N/A
Pricing: N/A


<FONT SIZE="3"><B>Borrello</B></FONT>
<FONT COLOR="gray">E-segment executive sedan</FONT>
Original release date: Fall 2005
<A HREF="" TARGET="_blank">Avioli Borrello front</A>
<A HREF="" TARGET="_blank">Avioli Borrello rear</A>
<A HREF="" TARGET="_blank">Avioli Borrello interior</A>
<A HREF="" TARGET="_blank">Avioli Borrello press release</A>
Specifications: N/A
Pricing: N/A


<FONT SIZE = "3"><B>Marin</B></FONT>
<FONT COLOR="gray">Sport/Luxury SUV</FONT>
Original release date: Fall 2006
<A HREF="" TARGET="_blank">Avioli Marin front</A>
<A HREF="" TARGET="_blank">Avioli Marin rear</A>
<A HREF="" TARGET="_blank">Avioli Marin interior</A>
<A HREF="" TARGET="_blank">Avioli Marin press release</A>
Specifications: N/A
Pricing: N/A

piokor 11-05-2005 11:13 AM

Wow, I love almost every single car you have designed, especially the Shannons. I wish I could draw as good as you do...

Nath 11-14-2005 04:31 PM

I think your designs are great but be nice to see some more diversity between your brands.. interesting to see the difference between your SV100 and your preview of the next one though

SV 11-14-2005 05:33 PM

Re: (Nath)
thanks for the comments so far <IMG NAME="icon" SRC="" BORDER="0"> i've been trying to diversify all the montgomerys when the redesigns and facelifts come out, but since most of the current lineup is 2 years old or less they aren't going to change much for a while (the icon, pioneer, nova II and gyro are all getting midlife facelifts in 18 months or less though). the new SV100 will hopefully start a new design theme that will be alot easier to make different variations of, but that's still 2 years away too (i'm still working on the design, it's already alot different now than the photoshop i posted a few weeks ago). anyway, im glad you like them nath and piokor06 <IMG NAME="icon" SRC="" BORDER="0"> <BR><BR>
<i>Modified by SV at 6:40 PM 11/14/2005</i>

VexedandGlorious 11-17-2005 12:51 PM

Re: Montgomery Group (SV)
they looks good but i want new models.

SV 12-14-2005 04:44 PM

Re: Montgomery Group (Graffititech)
thanks for the comments everyone...if anyone else wants to comment you're welcome to do so, since this took alot of time...also, i'm gonna post little "press releases" every once in a while, sales reports and previews of future cars, stuff like that. i'll post road tests too, which i make up occasionally; i have a few for the icon, SV100, series 6 and grand legend on a CD somewhere from when i switched computers, eventually i'll probably post them <IMG NAME="icon" SRC="" BORDER="0">

Mil 01-18-2006 01:00 PM

Nice work, im starting to intensly study shadows and reflections now, so hopefully when im 14(your age?)ill be as good as you...maybe better, LOLnice work again and keep it up...<p>(ps. i just turned 13)

Lukynix 01-29-2006 04:03 AM

Sembrano Ford, BMW e Alfa Romeo.

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