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Matski 08-04-2010 05:35 PM

Audi, current design.. still fresh?
So, I can't help but feel Audi are taking the 'p' a bit now with their current design language... I've also noticed more people seem to be feeling the same since the debut of the A7.

Though my dislike for Audi is quite strong, I'm keeping my subjectivity out of this, and won't call them ugly (though they are not my cup of tea), they have a corporate face and, IMO, are now flogging it to death, I feel it is now too boring and predictable...

.. I was considering this point, and ended up knocking together some images to show how close some of the models are in design...

... long story short, one of the things I ended up with was this GIF... not necessarily to demonstrate my point, I just thought it was kinda cool, so I though I'd share it :)

Kinda hypnotic after a while...

swizzle 08-04-2010 06:23 PM

I think Audis look ok, but in general the gaping hole grille is something I'm not fond of.

dreamersmystique 08-05-2010 05:06 PM

I hardly think its ugly or boring or staid or any of those remarkable words we use to describe the other dull cars that relentlessly keep coming from other brands.
Just in context of the segment it competes in, premium cars, performance and quality oriented. Other brands taht fight in the same sector...BMW, Mercedes, Lexus, Infiniti, Cadillac and Jaguar are the only brands worth mention in pure scale of their presence worldwide.

The German brands BMW and Mercedes have taken a downturn in their design departments and personally almsot none of their cars meet the mark of design thats visually impressive spare a few like the MB CL, CLS and maybe the SLK and the 3 series and Zseries in the BMW range. The rest of their cars have lost all sense of brand integrity and just what you call borderline OK and some even ugly!

Japanese brands Lexus and Infiniti seem to be more handsome cars these days though not all. Lexus definitely has a range that is better looking than Toyotas and I seriously think they make them ugly on purpose just to show the stark contrast in design. The LS, GS, IS and even the LX are really good looking cars.
Infiniti on the other hand is more attractive inside and out as far as I am concerned except for maybe their new QX56!...Even the Nissans are really handsome cars...atleast their design departments are keeping busy. But I hardly think their prices are justified, after all, as many CSS members have said...they are just glorified Toyotas and Nissans.

Cadillacs are definitely attractive again...especially with the new CTS and their new sharply angled design direction and powerful engines they are at it again. But still fail to reach the standards of reliability set by the Japs and Germans.

Finally the British brands JLR...obviously the best looking cars in the segment not only have they succeeded in their "shock and awe" strategy but have also proven to be really well built too...some newer engines and they are back in the game...enough said I guess.

This is the market in a general manner, that Audi is facing. Every car from Audi, although all may not be stunning jaw-droppers are nothing short of being called very good looking cars. They have a specific design philosophy and have stuck to it all the way...yes they seem to have very similar looks...but I hardly see it as a bad thing...I prefer the Audi brand ofcourse after JLR and maybe the CTS but when considered with eveyrthing else... its an easy winner...

Sorry for the really long post...I have some experince with Audi and hence have a special respect for their design methods and philosophy...thats all!!...hehe...

dsgnr 08-28-2010 02:31 PM

Yeah finally some freetime again and time to post.

When the A8 came out, I started to be afraid that the current, "predictable" Audi-Design era was drying out.
I was shocked what uninnovative design Audi came up with, and I am very afraid the next A6 is going to be of the same sort.

However I think Audi's current line-up is pretty good with (to me) four cars I would design-wise consider awesome: the Q5, the A5 Sportback, the iconic R8 and the upcoming A7.

Nevertheless it is going to be no easy task for Audi's designers in Ingolstadt to develop a new design language that is as steady and credible as the current one. So in any case I am very excited about what is coming next by Audi.

TheSwageLine 12-19-2010 10:26 PM

Their cars no longer excite me. But I suppose since their cars are aimed at boring people, it makes sense to style them accordingly.

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