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Originally Posted by pjl35 View Post
So far, in the one picture we've seen, it looks nearly identical to the concept, which you both loved.
I did indeed like the concept. And I actually don't think the Instgram car spy pic looks that much like the concept in the detailing. I see a pronounced front quarter window (which screams "econocar" to me), and I see a much higher rising beltline (could just be angle of the pic). I also see a much more sloping roofline and somewhat flatter side surfacing. The concept (I just looked at pics again) had a much "fatter" and more aggressive stance.

Altogether, the effect is more lifted hatch (which looks very cheap to me), rather than squashed SUV (which looks much more sporty and modern, IMHO).

Again, it could all be the angle of the spy pic. Some cars just have angles that are flattering. At the auto show where I saw the concept, the platform was elevated, so I would not have been able to see the car from "above."

BTW, I didn't see your post b/f I made my post (looks we posted at the same time). I think the car in your spy pic looks very nice (and, again, it does not appear to be the exact same car).

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