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Originally Posted by 4RD4TW View Post
Sorry, but the XTS has the proportions of a front-to-rear write-off!
Does it have good proportions? No. But it's stylistically 10000% better than the RLX. The XTS looks nothing like the other GM Epsilion platform mates.

Originally Posted by Superamerica View Post
I'm not sure whether or not it was "cheap" to develop that particular Honda/Acura platform so can't comment on that.
This is a long Accord with an Acura badge.

Originally Posted by Superamerica View Post
And I think this is the point of brands like Acura and Volvo (as well as Buick and the now defunct Saab). They are understated, and the average Acura buyer doesn't give a donkey's arse if others think he/she has it made or not.

I agree. And it sounds like most American families to me. I definitely fit within that description. Besides, I like the fact Acuras are well-built, come loaded with all the bells and whistles, and are a lot less expensive to maintain than European luxury sedans. They also hold their value pretty well.
It's also the reason why Acura's sales are in the toilet. Everyone else offers a much more attractive product (even Lincoln!) at more competitive prices.

This thing is dead on arrival.
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