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Originally Posted by 2o6 View Post
This is a long Accord with an Acura badge.
I understand what it is. But you still haven't told me whether it was cheap to develop the Accord platform from which the Acura platform derived. Honda engineers one of the best platforms on the market. That, coupled with Honda's SH-AWD, should make a pretty nice chassi, no?

Let's face it. The criticisms here all boil down to the design being too bland. Critics like to throw other misguided facts here and there to justify their bashing of a design they don't like.

I agree that the design is on the bland side (but so is a 5-series or most Audis). And I also agree that the RLX should be priced at $10,000 less. But the car itself seems to me like an excellent product. And I am willing to pay a premium to have something engineered by Honda. But again, I've known this company for decades - have owned their products and still remember vividly Ayrton Senna kicking everyone's a$$es in a McLaren Honda - well, that was when most of you were either wearing diapers or not yet born - but Honda is still an engineering-focused company even to this day.
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