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Wow...nice work...good going...Marker render looks great!!...and the sketches are reallly amazing!!
though 2 issues:
1. The finished sketch...its two long...the gap between the front and rear wheels is very big...when you draw a coupe of those dimensions...the gap is usually the distance of 2-2.5 circles (i think), the same size as that of the your sketch its long enough 2 be a a pretty big have a reallly loong door!!..
2. The wheels seem small and of different its not really a main issue...but a little more finesse there and you have a winner!!

The rough sketches look more appealing in finish and perspective and even the wheels are done right...I guess because you are more relaxed doing the rough ones...just go crazy drawing circles and hand...and finish the wheels as a full circle...It gives a lot of volume!!...

Cheers dude...great work!!!...
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