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Originally Posted by Swallow Doretti View Post
VW, you had ONE job...

Base price is $30,000 plus destination, which is the same as the Honda Pilot and Hyundai Santa Fe. Of course, both the Honda and the Hyundai give you V6 power at that price point, versus the Atlas' four-cylinder.

Loaded is $48,000, $1,000 more than a Pilot Elite, and $4,000 than a Santa Fe Ultimate.
none of these are huge differences in price, especially when taking into account where some of the other players like the GM Lamba's SUV's come in. it will all come down to lease terms, which can certainly make up for a $1,000 difference. Priced this similarly, I'd go with the VW based on what is likely a much better drive (assuming it drives like any other VW SUV) and the German subtleties that make for an overall better vehicle IMO. Then again, I drive a Jeep because the Touareg was too much $$.
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