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MASSIVE improvement over what they currently have; great design - but not perfect.
- Chrome nose seems to point down?
- Wheels...uh, are those actually hub caps? Now, some nice, tasteful pimped out wheels - that'd be awesome
- no volume control...really Honda?! EVERY manufacture (ex Tesla) seems to get that people don't prefer touch screens for this stuff.

Some of the interior plastic looks a bit cheap - however that could just be the pic's....all reviews seem to say the materials are top notch.

Interesting world. Honda seems to be back w/ it's Civic design. Chev Cruze seems to be a slam dunk. Hyundai is nice - but watered down IMO.

For fun - my current rankings of compact / smaller cars based exclusively on looks:
- Mazda 3
- Chev Cruze
- Honda Civic
- Ford Focus (albiet - this is getting old IMO)
- New Elantra
- Forte
- The Donald's hair
- Corolla.
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