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Agree with everyone else's assessments. Some detailing is a little off IMO, but as an overall package this looks amazing, especially compared to its predecessor.

But, Honda, how disconnected must you be from the public when you insist on retaining that ridiculous volume control instead of a knob!? (The control on the steering wheel looks a little odd, too.) Perhaps the Honda execs have been driving around in their recent models with the radio blasting and they couldn't figure out how to turn it down, hence the reason they can't hear the rest of us.

Three lingering questions:

1. Crash, why do you think those wheels are hubcaps? I don't get that impression at all.

2. I get that they were going for a bit of a floating screen effect, but why couldn't they just make it flush. Looks a little too fussy:

3. Why couldn't they leave all climate control separate from the touchscreen? Seems as though changing the mode, fan speed, even AC(?) has to be done through the screen.

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