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Default Re: (caarmike)

Thanks, OK here's some more.. In keeping with the superminis
This is a sketch I did this year for my new Escape (By the way I do design cars for real manufacturers but found out a long time back it was easier to organise my thoughts this way)

This is the Miranda, designed in 2003 it's a large supermini, just under 4m in length (not far off the new Grande Punto) There's no 3dr as that market is to be filled with the Escape though with Americans buying more and more cars this size I may style a 4dr saloon. There's also a coupe/convertible model (sorry about the quality, i lost all my work off the computer so this was scanned in) with a 6 piece folding roof to allow for decent luggage space and foldin rear seats that when down create an extended rear deck to give the appearance of a mid engined sports car

Then the Escape, designed in 1995 (with a convertible model in the beginning of 1997) it was an extensive supermini range with small sallon estate and van. Also in the picture is a possible replacement I never pursued from 2000

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