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Originally Posted by Revolt View Post
For me, Ford is making a big mistake reintroducing the tdci engine on ka. The gold era for diesel engines is over, under the euro6 laws and the fap. As Focus owner I'm struggling in this period of urban moving: lot of cycles (interrupted) and lot of fuel contamination on the engine oil. I cannot imagine what they're gonna find during the next servicing.
I think Ford needs to improve the ecoboost engine lines, maybe with a 1200cc one to put in C segment cars, under metan fuel or petrol-hybrid. It's hard to see a Focus (worse a Fusion/Mondeo) equipped with the small 1.0, powered to 140hp! ... It's too much. If a bigger size were available (actually I don't mean the 1500cc), I'd definitely avoided buy a diesel car.
The 1200cc engines in the Ka+ are brand new, 3 cylinders instead of the older 4 cylinders (that could trace their origins back to the mid 90ies Fiesta); Whilst I agree about the Mondeo, I had a Focus 1.0 for 3,5 years, and despite my initial reservations, it worked very well most of the time, and even gave something like "driving pleasure", sth. you surely don't find in smaller Diesel engines; Consumption was surprisingly Diesel like as well, just fully loaded pulling away on an incline was where you'd either feel the size of the engine before the turbo kicks in, or you'd slightly slip the clutch, but you have similar effects on smaller (sub 2.0) Diesel cars, where low end torque really just comes from displacement or hybrid trickery and probably some future electric turbos that spool form idle....

But the Diesel in the Ka+ seems really a weird decision, that segment has been mostly petrol only even before the numerous Wolfsburg scandals, and from this summer on, it will require EU6d (the one that even kills the M3 Bimmer for now, and that's a petrol), which is basically impossible without a specific NOx catalytic converter and an AdBlue system, which would make the Ka ridiculously expensive. The 1.0 EcoBoost with even 100, let alone the larger 125 or 140hp tunes, would be a so much wiser move and really turn it into a pocket rocket (and eat into Fiesta sales likely...)
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