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Originally Posted by paranoidgarliclover View Post
I also wonder if part of it is regulations. Doesn't MB have some cool headlight tech that's actually functionally helpful, but US regulations won't allow for it here? Same w/ the split screen interior (which I guess isn't such a big deal anymore, b/c I never hear about it now).

I personally wish that more makes would use different colors in their tailight assemblies here in the US (which they apparently do in Europe) b/c I find the all-red lighting scheme to be blinding and perhaps not as easily distinguished as having yellow turn signals.
Some countries require yellow turn signals in the rear lights. the US does not, which is why we get the all red ones on a lot of models. I believe headlights regulations are made by NHTSA, which is extremely slow acting and still has not approved multibeam headlights that can constantly run on high without blinding drivers.
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