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Default Proton Saga Hatchback

Was going to call this Proton Saga Noback Aeroback. Anyway the reason in this rendering is because I imagine Proton needs a temporary car, since the Savvy was discontinued in 2010, and the Emas will not be launched till 2013.

Unlike the Savvy that has a 2395mm wheelbase, this hatch shares most of it parts and components with the Saga (itself based on a stretched Savvy platform). This Saga hatch will be comparable to Perodua Myvi in size. This Saga hatch has Proton Saga Hatchback a 2456mm wheelbase, is 3780mm long, 1680mm wide and 1502mm tall. The new Myvi measures 3690mm long, 1665mm wide, 1545mm tall, and with a 2440mm wheelbase.

It'll be great if the Saga hatch comes with the new CVT transmission and 1.6 litre engine, if not the turbo 1.6.
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