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Originally Posted by Crash View Post
I'm a bit of a Ram looking design IMO, best interior (especially when tarted up), a great diesel option and best ride. I have friends who own Ram's and swear by them.Ram also seems to be most generous w/ their on the hood discounts....

I also have friends who also own F150's and think they're overrated - but bought them as everyone else had them.

I like the current gen GM trucks - but am not fussy on the new designs.
I absolutely love the looks of the 2019 Ram. It look less like a toy than the current Ram. I don't like the visibility out of the Silverado and Sierra. I am not quite sold on the looks of the Fords.

I think I will check out the Fords today. Maybe I will also get a Ram Truck brochure. Hopefully I will bow-up all the horrendously ugly Ram vans at the dealership.
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