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Originally Posted by Crash View Post
A strong start to the new 200! Well done team Chr-co! When will we see these in showrooms??

Hopefully this sustains and builds credibility for them. The Dart and more saliently, the Cherokee are great products; albeit the Cherokee is doing much better than the Dart - but that doesn't mean the Dart is a crappy products.
The Dart definitely is not as good a drive as a Civic or a Focus. The drivetrains leave a bit to be desired, in much the same vein that the Jetta with the "two point slow" and the truly terrible 2.5 kept the Jetta from being a class leader. The Cherokee seems much more refined than a Dart. With any luck the 200 is another advancement. The Dart needs a serious updating and fast.

The 10K orders the first day for the 200 are "dealer" orders which means Chrysler is pushing 10K units out to dealers initially. 10K people did not walk into Chrysler dealers and demand to order a 200. Though I think the 10K will sell, this is a numbers manipulation. The 10K number represents 3-4 cars per dealer so just a fraction of the real push out to dealers.
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