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Originally Posted by swizzle View Post
That is NOT how it works. Repeat after me. Chrysler was not sitting there waiting for dealers to configure 10,000 orders one by one and send them in. Also, if these were actually dealer-made orders what are the odds that exactly 10K units were ordered?
Between Canada and the US, there are 2,800 dealerships. That works out to 6 cars per dealership (based upon the 17K #) - to me this doesn't seem unreasonable on an average per dealership basis.

Auto companies DO need to solicit their dealers to see how many cars are needed to launch a product. Obviously not all the cars will ship day one as the factory is ramping up production AND the article stated it's enough to keep production running till July (at full capacity).

Yes, there is some PR hype in the numbers meant to instill a sense of confidence and urgency within the market; however, an initial 17K order from dealerships is a pretty strong vote of confidence!
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