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Originally Posted by mick78 View Post
Which says it makes sense for a very specific kind of client in one market world wide (that still has some unrestricted Autobahn KM left) And that says he doesn't like the ICE train service in Germany or flying (both quicker and cheaper).

Everyone else (in a passenger car, not commercial vehicle or proper Off roader in the Outback or comparable regions) doesn't need a Diesel unless he likes to believe German car magazines who still want to claim it's the future, because it's the card that the German car industry put all it's money on a few years ago and doesn't want to admit failure yet....
It simply depends on your driving habits.
You seem to forget that large part of this market is business, that needs to reach many locations during one day and at times that it's difficult to make it using public transportation. Plus very often more luggage is needed than just one suitcase. For that market a car will be a first choice.

In practice when going really fast diesel powered vehicles are much more economical then their gasoline counterparts, lot more than manufacturers data claim. At 200km/h the difference is huge, but it's also noticeable at lower speeds. Obviously there aren't many unrestricted Autobahns left but in Europe there's a lot of places that people usually drive over the generally allowed 130 km/h limit.
Check your Austrian A1, where lot of cars are doing 160km/h.
Another thing is that you don't have to refuel that often.

So for larger cars that cover long distances there's still a market, as people aren't willing to switch to cars that are using let's say 12-15l from the ones that have 7-9L consumption, when their yearly mileage is high. Just lease instead of buying in case there are some crazy driving restrictions coming.

In the next few years diesel market share will decline significantly, but it won't disappear completely as some are predicting. It's the French who should worry the most, as they heavily invested in small diesels, and for city driving it doesn't make sense anymore.

Btw. I drive gasoline, cause I don't cover long stretches of Autobahn often, but if I did I would seriously consider diesel simply due to lower running cost in that case.
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