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Originally Posted by Naga Royal Guard View Post
...Swizzle, i am surprised you dont have a "Nifty 50" (50mm F1.8).
The 28-135 IS Canon lens does just fine at 50mm and I've never liked the 50mm focal length much anyway. Not wide enough for groups and too wide for head shots, which was the bulk of what I did. My recreational photography was mostly landscapes so ultrawide and telephoto were better than a 50. If I would buy a 50mm for my Canons it would be the 50mm f1.0.

When I shot film I had a 50mm 1.2 and it was a nice lens, but for head shots my 100mm lens was by far better. My equipment was Pentax at the time: K2DMD, an MX with motor drive, and a K1000. Still have the K1000 and an ME. The latter with a 40mm lens is a 35mm SLR that will fit in a pocket. Pentax did a great zoom, a 28-135 f4 that was pretty sharp.

Of course for serious portraiture, I used the Mamiyas. The RB67 is a tank of a camera that really should be on a tripod, but I would often hand hold it.

When I went autofocus, I switched to Canon EOS then stayed for digital. I am amazed by how low light the Rebel XSi and T3i will go. When I shot the boat races at the Salton Sea about 4 years ago the XSi wasn't as fast on its frames per second rate as I would have liked and I wished I still had the MX with the 5fps drive and bulk film back.

Then again, the autofocus corrects very well for a fast approaching target.
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