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Originally Posted by IcedG35 View Post
seems like a lot of effort to prove a difference of opinion.... ;) this design finally gets rid of the same two strips/clusters of buttons that have been on every BMW for years, finally redesigning the HVAC and radio controls. it modernizes the interior a lot, versus all the pics you posted, which have nearly identical button clusters. i also like the center screen that is more tied into the driver cockpit, which brings back cues of the old driver centric cockpits of previous BMWs.
lol calm down. 1. it took all of 2 minutes; 2. i was just showing those pics for comparison for everyone's reference. time will tell if that HVAC/radio design actually makes it to production. i wouldn't be surprised if we see standard/existing switchgear once the time comes and the interior, just like most bmw concepts as of late, is just for show.
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