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Funny you should mention that. Years ago, I was cruising on the road taking pictures on a scenic route. When all of the sudden a car slowed down and tried to get me killed by forcing me off the road. Whether or not it was directed b/c they THOUGHT I was trying to take pictures of their car (might be a covered upcoming car), I honestly couldn't remember (anymore) but I was minding my own business and was just trying to take scenic pictures for my collection - I never even pointed my lense on the car, to my knowledge. but certaintly I was pissed for their actions Long story short, they tried to get me off the road so I would stop following them (although their actions and intentions almost got me killed). But they failed. I got in front of them and stopped short (hit my brakes hard) and while trying not to hit me, they almost went off the road themseleves. Payback is a b***h
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