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VW has the Polo which can be converted to a 1.6L WRC car. In 2011 all WRC cars will move to a 1.6Turbo. VW also wants the WRCars to have paddle shifters so they can promote their DSG technology. I believe the cars will be Super 2000 based but will have 1.6Turbo engines. The WRcars will have more power but all new S2000 cars homologated after 2011 will need to have a 1.6Turbo and not a 2.0L n/a engine. Martin Prokop said that the Fiesta S2000 can be converted to 2011 WRC specs.

Mini is working with Prodrive for a future WRC team. Subaru could join the WRC if they sell enough cars. Subaru would probably have to use a different car prep company as Prodrive will likely be with Mini.

Citroen's next WRCar will be the DS3.
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