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The new World Engine will be used in both WTCC and the WRC. It will be a 1.6L Turbo I4 with a 33mm restrictor. Boost will be limited to 2.5 bar and an FIA control box will be installed to make sure the teams aren't cheating. The 1.6Turbo will not be a spec engine. It's a set of rules that teams use to build their engines With VW joining in 2012 it will be quite a competitive championship.

The Scirocco might not be VW's WRCar since they have the Golf and Polo. I've also heard that the Scirocco is too wide for the WRC so they have to use either the Golf or Polo. Polo seems to be the most likely choice as there is a S2000 version of it. The S2000 cars will form the basis of the next gen WRCars. The new 1.6Turbo engines will be just as exciting as the current ones and will likely be just as quick within a few years. The Monte Carlo Rally could come back but only under their terms.
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