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Default Forum Rules

1. Post ALL spy pictures as links NOT images.

2. No verbal abuse against any member. Any problems should be reported to the moderators and admins.

3. Post meaningful responses.

4. Do not post TCC images, only use the URL.

5. If posting images state the website (source)

6. Don't copy and paste news articles, summarize the article and then paste the link to the site.

7. No Spamming will be allowed in any form, permanent ban will be enacted.

8. Please check the forum to see if a topic you are posting hasn't already been posted.

9. Please keep all personal information off the forum and use the PM system.

10. If you have any problems please contact the staff by either PM or email.

11. All actions and decisions of the Admins and Global mods are final. The admins reserve the right too lock any post, reopen any post and edit out any inapproprite things in posts. Any Moderator who unlocks a post locked by a Admin will have his position removed.

12. NO Pornographic images of any kind.

13. NO racist or discriminating images of any kind.

14. Please respect varying styles and proficiencies of English by using reasonably clean and lucid language; generally free of more advanced online abreviations.

15. No threads on politcal issues.

16. Sketches of new cars are not official images, please post them in the Spy pics area.

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