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(NelsonDesign) 3.- New CitroŽn Flagship
A rather evolutionary take on the current CitroŽn design language, however it doesn't really come off as a flagship. Great job none the less.

(ElementW) 4.- New CitroŽn Flagship
A Great job on bridging the gap with design cues from the past without going overboard retro, while advancing the design language to something futuristic and not over done.

(AudiR8) 2.- Sports Car Icon; The British Roadster
All the elements are there, the design just needed to be pushed a bit more to become more modern.

(NelsonDesign) 4.- Sports Car Icon; The British Roadster
The proportions are a bit off, but you've managed to make up for this shortcoming with the amount of character as well as the execution of your design.

(Nath) 5.- The Lincoln Revamp
Absolutely Stunning! you've managed to produce a cohesively fresh design that is subtle yet gorgeous with the right amount of retro cues yet still modern and forward thinking.