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Originally Posted by SV View Post
This looks really good. And apparently those earlier Autobild renderings got it mostly right:

It's too bad the US launch has been pushed back a year. I was hoping to replace my '13 ST with a next gen model but who knows when that will make it here.

That's interesting, I actually have the opposite opinion. I'm fond of this generation Focus but I think the pre-facelift front end was a bit messy, while the facelift was much better resolved. But to each his own I suppose.
I agree, i find the facelift to be MUCH nicer and better resolved. In fact, if it wasn't for poor quality issues with the Thai-sourced models here in Australia i would have loved to buy one.

Having said that those renders look very, very nice and i'd be happy with that if they do decide to sell it here and IF and only if the quality and reliability issues where completely resolved.

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