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Default Design Battle: Season 2: Session 4

Its time for another exciting Design Battle! In this session we have NelsonDesign vs MartinEDesign going at it in Round 1,
then there's ElementW vs hakkinen in Round 2.

Lets get the ball rolling on Round 1.

ROUND 1: NelsonDesign vs MartinEDesign


The Element of Surprise

Honda recently announced that their funky little fun-box, The Element is fading into oblivion after the 2011 model year. There are a lot of great ideas packed into the Element, however something about the execution just didn't click with the general populace. Both Kia and Nissan have proven that polarizing design, style and that extra little attention to detail can equal runaway success with models like the Soul and Juke.

Designers can you apply a similar philosophy and apply some much needed design, style and panache to the staid Element and save it from extinction.

Good Luck Designers, please PM me your entries by Dec 12.