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Originally Posted by paranoidgarliclover View Post
YES, thank you. Part of my annoyance is that I find (found) the previous generation of writers (some of whom remain) at C&D to be really obnoxious (at least in their writing and opinions; I don't know them personally at all). C&D (and most mags, aside from CR) drive the cars for... a couple of days? And they drive them.... not at all like a prospective buyer would? Argh.

The toyobaru 86 twins outsell the miata, the camry outsells the accord and mazda 6, mustang outsells the camaro (up until recently) and it all goes to show the magazines really dont exert much if any influence over buying decisions. People will listen to a restaurant review, and thats about it. The media itself is waning influence in any case.

The point of annoyance with GM's Cadillac was the "Standard of the World" boast. Maybe a few decades ago but not once in the past 3, that has been passed about between Mercedes, Lexus, BMW, Audi but never Cadillac.

Something is keeping Cadillac alive; the Escalade. The Hip Hop RX 350 and soccer/yoga mom aphrodisiac is the only volume Caddy in recent history which sells at MSRP. Gas prices and MAGA will keep this trend going; GM knows it, and the 4 aforementioned successful luxury marques wont bother competing here. Profits are insane here and that funds GM fullsize SUV market place dominance.
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