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Originally Posted by swizzle View Post
Ford announced a week or so ago that the 2020 Fusion is dead and it's been reported that Mondeo production is also not long for this world. I'm really surprised they didn't just build the FusDeo in China and ship them around the world.
I don't think Ford has actually confirmed anything yet, apart from cancelling the redesign program (which was in the very early stages I'm guessing) and not confirming production plans. I still think there will be a next-generation Fusion, but it may not be a conventional sedan.

Originally Posted by pjl35 View Post
was wondering why the new grille shape/sizing etc. looked familiar.

especially when you ignore the lower weird portion of the Terrain's headlights
The headlights made me think Terrain too, didn't realize the grilles were so similar also. Interesting, but I think probably a coincidence.

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