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Originally Posted by swizzle View Post
Essentially they need to make the styling less polarizing and more captivating. They need to ditch the goofy 1/2 door nonsense and make it as a 3 or 5 door hatchback aimed squarely at the GTI/Mini Cooper S/Fiesta FocusST crowd.

They can let the Elantra hatchback be their "Focus" and the Veloster be their "Scirocco" of sorts.

On a side note, the current Scirocco has ZERO Scirocconess (sic) to it, but should be marketed instead as a GTI to separate the GTI from the pedestrian Golf.

A GTI can easily cost $10K more than a Golf, so why should the GTI share the look of the base Golf?
3 Door hatches are dead, they are niche products. No more Clio, Megane with 3 doors, next Golf and A3 will only be available as 5 door, no Scirocco successor due to VW downsizing, no more 3 door 1 Series successor, only 5 door. No more 3 door Ford Ka, etc.....
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