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Originally Posted by swizzle View Post
Profit waiting to be grabbed.
Indeed. Combine the applauded style of recent Volvos with that booming segment, and basically nothing can go wrong. This will sell by the ship load, even without the need for many incentives or finance deals..

It also makes me think whether volvo will bother with a replacement for the V40 hatchback, given how premium hatchbacks are not a thing anywhere outside Europe, and even here the market is shifting every day more to CUVs in that size/price (looking at any premium/non premium dealership, any hatchback or regular sedan/estate in the C/D segment is basically sold with massive discounts - often 25/30% - from day one, no matter the badge, whilst the same car in it's CUV version will sell at nearly list price with a huge waiting list; Go figure which is mire attractive for the maker in the long term)
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