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Ideas... may have been said before, maybe not...

A non-911 looking Porsche - car or range

Design a body over a given kit car chassis - Caterham/Westfield/7 replica chassis?

$15,000/10,000 coupe/roadster - A fun car (a first car, cheap to run and insure) for the price of a small hatchback like a Honda Fit/Jazz.

A New Lagonda

A new Scion - Original Scion's were great, new Scions not so much, make a new Scion to make them good again!

Automoblox for real - Automoblox are wooden toy cars with changable bodies that fit together as a front end (engine), middle (passenger section), and rear (boot/trunk, pickup, station wagon, panel van, coupe etc). Make a set of real world interchangeable Automoblox cars.

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