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Originally Posted by dreamersmystique View Post
hey Nelson...I voted for this design at the contest especially because I liked your idea...and its very practical...Maybe you should even think of setting up an electric motor for the car!...You should check out the contest happening at Local could broaden out your view of things...and I do like the ultra aerodynamic you seen the Aptera Electric Car?...That is an ultra aerodynamic an ultra aerodynamic need it be pretty much shaped like a tear drop, with the tapering end as the rear...I do notice that the cabin for the person is that shape..though the rest of the body wouldnt agree with it..but nice...real nice...

For this I was going with hydrogen, not an EV vehicle. I think personally this is a better form of alternative fuel.

Yes the Aptera, right...

I didn't want it to be the most aerodynamic thing in the whole entire universe lol. Remember it still had to have some inspiration from Auto Unions and be built by Audi.

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