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Originally Posted by SV View Post
GM would never agree to that given how popular Buick is in China.

I'm interested to see how this turns out. I'm not sure this was a good move for GM; I get that Opel was unprofitable for a long time, but Europe is a huge market to walk away from. Between this and closing shop in India, GM may be missing out on a huge amount of future sales. Not to mention Opel's small car expertise, which may not be easily replaced.
I think GM is preparing for a merger.

Europe IS a huge market to walk away from but with the well documented manufacturing overcapacity and losing money, the latter will simply get worse because of the former over time.

As for Opel's small car expertise, none of their cars are ones that redefine a class. They are also-rans. Teaming with a better partner is probably what will happen.

GM Korea is next up for sale by many accounts and SAIC seems interested

Getting rid of the dead weight Opel and India, while keeping the USA and its lucrative partnership with SAIC makes them ready for a merger.

I think either they will merge with SAIC (and then be swallowed whole) or SAIC will swallow GM whole at the start.

If a SAIC merger is in the cards, that will be an example of GM being very proactive.
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