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Originally Posted by swizzle View Post
I would be more inclined to imagine a GM/Toyota merger. Aside from Jeep, there's nothing GM needs or wants from FCA.
Even there, making a new "Blazer" going after a potential Bronco and the jeep Wrangler might solve a lot, otherwise IMO the General has a good SUV portfolio, and could use some great "Classic" names as well form their heritage (like Blazer);

And the marriage with Fiat (resp. teh European arm of FCA)has already been a failure once (although Fiat is mostly still around because of the money GM paid to get rid off them), so I don't see where this would benefit them, especially as they just got rid of their own European arm entirely.

In my eyes, the whole scenario doesn't offer great benefits especially for GM, but also limited one for FCA; Technically, both could do well with a Japanese or Korean partner (well there is really just one available).
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