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What has JC been up to recently? After the Volant and updated Vurig were released to okay, but not great, receptions by the media and the public at the Chicago and Geneva auto shows, the brand has all but dropped off the radar. Their stands at auto shows have been very quiet lately, with no new product introductions since, and only mild engine changes and trim level modifications peppering their press releases. So what happened to the hot new up-and-coming brand?

Sources say that the next models on the slate were a $100k+, Ferrari F430 fighter, and a sedan positioned above the Virtu to go against the S-class and the 7er. Concept versions of both were planned for subsequent auto shows but were ditched due to rising gas prices. This has forced JC to rethink its strategy and reposition its focus on economical strategies; this can be seen through the company's new updated motors with better fuel economy, cylinder deactivation programs, and lighter weights.

But don't fret if you're holding your breath for new models. JC still needs to use its large Virtu platform on another model to decrease production costs; the aforementioned large sedan and F430 fighter were rumoured to be on the Virtu platform before getting ditched. Speculation states we might be seeing a Virtu-based 6-series coupe fighter, or an even larger Mercedes SL convertible fighter in the pipeline. Rumours are also swirling concerning a smaller, 1-series fighter. But in the immediate future, we will see a facelifted Voltaire and a Vurig H to replace the slow-selling Vurig R.

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