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Quote, originally posted by Comrade »

yeah come on ppl, don't be shy. There are only 37 now.

I think this thread is easily overlooked. It looks sort of like the stickie: "Guidelines for a New Car" in the New Cars section or "What to do when u spot a mule..." in the Car Spy Pictures section -everyone knows what they say already, so they don't open them. I think maybe we could capitalize a part to make it more prominent like this: "MEMBERS MAP - Car Spy Shots" or sometihng... I dunno, just a suggestion

Thank you!!

I totally agree. Many threads can be overlooked (even stickied) - not everyone visits every section of the forum on a regular basis, or even every recent thread within their most visited section(s).

Anyway, as Ascariss said, this is a 30 sec, (almost) brain-less excerise. Have a look at the link below (also found on top of page 1) - it's a wonderful tool/resource.

Paging all CSS members, paging all CSS members:

Get recongized and represent

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