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Default Design Challenge: Group B Rallycar Revival

1. Reinvent the Minivan - What was once a practical multipurpose vehicle has been rendered irrelevant by Crossovers, SUV's and Wagons. It also doesn't help that the Minivan as we know it has become somewhat of an automotive punchline. Can you take away the stigma of the mommyvan and design a COOL, futuristic minivan that people will want to be seen in?

2. Group B Rallycar Revival - The Group B referred to a set of regulations introduced in 1982 for competition vehicles in sportscar racing and rallying regulated by the FIA. Group B regulations were responsible for some of the quickest, most powerful and sophisticated rally cars ever built. However, a series of major accidents, the FIA disestablished the class after only four years. Now with the advancement of safety and technology could the time be right for a Group B Revival?