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I have faith in the rare and exotic Natalia; It's coming along and I get the regular newsletters via e-mail. It was stated that there are several orders placed on the car already. It looks like it has some polarity, which many vehicles that stand out in so many genres do, and I figure it'll be more handsome in the metal than in the CGI renderings.

In the exclusive high-end, supercar, hypercar, upper-eschelon segment, it's all about the excess on many levels, be it sports, GT or luxury-liner sedan. This segment will grow over the next couple of years with nice things happening!

While were on this, there's another independent manufacturer which wants to start up an old, bespoke and familiar marque, the Duesenberg...
There's been sever articles on the known automotive-related sites pertaining to this. A prototype or introduction of, in this case the Duesenberg Torpedo, was supposed to premiere in 2007, but later pushed back to mid-2008. Here is a link to one of the articles which should give more insight (either click on or copy & paste):

I suppose this could also be fitting in this company that this topic is about.
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