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Originally Posted by paranoidgarliclover View Post
I also think that, in my case, there's some weird profiling going on. I'm relatively young and dress very casually, so, when I walk into a luxury-car dealership, I think they don't think I'm serious (which actually happened once when I tried to test drive a car after being given an invite from the manfacturer as part of a new product launch).

Oh, I imagine an LC would be magnificent. I hear the engine sounds glorious, and I love the interior. Maybe I'll look at one in 5 yrs when a used one might be almost in my price range. ;)

I think I'd like to drive a car like that on an intermittent basis on the weekends. ;) I think I read that the Evora is surprisingly refined in a car mag, but I still can't imagine driving something that low and presumably cramped on an daily basis. Although one auto journalist said that the Porsche 718 has among the best ride quality he has ever experienced, so....
Im rather stiff and serious when I approach these places, ready to call out BS. Im also short, scrawny as hell and always poorly rested so im not sure how this all shakes out. The LC test drive will be the ultimate test of this, I'll have to go on a quieter day, or I could just focus on driving my own car/truck and having a good time.

I think the Evora feels similar inside to a new 911 where the 911's interior is more opulent and the seats are further apart (the Lotus is just that much more dedicated). Theres more sensible cars with similar performance for less money but the chassis is like a weapon.

True story: I was about 24 and went to test drive the Elise Purist edition (lower grip Advan Neova AD08 tyres), the salesmen got out a few spotters to do a scary multi point turn to extract the car without bumping the new aston martins clustereing the (then) tight area. Then we took it out for a hot blooded spin.

Then there was the McLaren 650S ....

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