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I'll reserve final judgment until I see one in the flesh, but I don't think this is very promising. If it's low slung, it might work (the original Audi A5 looked really boring in pics but fantastic in person; it only worked b/c it was so low).

IMHO, the car looks like it's already due for a facelift. The headlights look like a mangled version of the Porsche Cayenne and the horizontal talight is really kind of amateurish. Are the tailights actually smoked (horror)?

The broad swath of horizontal dash is crying out for some sort of trim or stitching to break it up. The door panels are also very spartan.

Nice steering wheel and instrumentation. And great name. Hopefully it drives well and is priced right (i.e., starting in the mid-$30,000 for the base trim). Otherwise, I don't give it much of a chance....

Edit: looks better (IMHO) in the non-studio shots (where it bears a resemblance to a Ghibli)

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