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Originally Posted by 2o6 View Post
....the S-10 Blazer was a staple of the US market, and even the TrailBlazer was about the same target market. The VAST majority of those cars sold stayed on road, and many bought them in 2WD trim. Blazer doesn't have as much equity as you'd think.

With that said, I like it a lot.
Likely I'm biased, as a kid my parents used to have A K5 Blazer, proper V8 one.

That said, the S10 was indeed a bit dull, and the Trailblazer even more so, but that name lives on on a different car anyway (and that, funny enough, is actually a rather proper offloaded nowadays with separate chassis and proper 4WD).

This is not a bad vehicle, don't get me wrong, just a mix of other cars (with IMO little Chevy identity) and it should have used a name with less history as such....
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