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Originally Posted by Nicktyelor View Post
Y I mean jesus christ, look at the new Prius ( how did that even happen )

This months Car and Driver talked about their hydrogen car (can't remember the name) - but it's in the Prius family of looks for sure. C&D called it Blindingly Hideous - I loved that line as it was so accurate.

I agree - not all Honda's are ugly. The new Civic (for the most part) is pretty nice (the part that isn't most is the nose - that chrome piece is just 100% awkward; much better resolved on the CRV.

The pre-MMC Accord is a handsome car; classic Honda in that regard; post - pretty terrible (again - that chrome piece ruins it).

The Pilot is just plain bad to my eyes - but my neighbour has one and adores it. The Ridgeline is awful. Their Odyssey isn't great - but the newer one is improved I guess.

I think Honda IS returning (slowly) to their classic designs (CRV is a handsome product - period); and agree the concepts have shown promise (NO idea why the Montreal Auto Show Honda concept hasn't made production yet).

As you'd pointed out though - Kia, Hyundai, Mazda are the strong players for designs from across the pond now adays... side bar - saw my first 'NEW' CX5 the other day'; fantastic looking product.
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