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Originally Posted by Nicktyelor View Post
What are people here expecting?
I still think that Dacia (as such: Renault Nissan) does the best job in designing rugged low cost cars that don#t look cheap or odd; IMO the Sandero or Logan models don't look specifically cheap (not exciting, but IMO not worse than a Skoda Fabia or Rapid), and the Duster is even one of the better looking cars in it's segment; And all that costing probably 60% of the established models; Yes, you miss some of the latest gadgets (engines are actually quite up to date nowadays), and no one will mistake the interior plastics for leather, but again, with soft touch plastics becoming rare in anything below C-segment cars, the gap is not that huge;

This, or your average Indian and some Brazilian market models though immediately feel "developing market", no doubt for a second;
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