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Originally Posted by mick78 View Post
That said, what is even weirder is why would GM want to go through with it. Most smaller GM platforms were mostly developed by their European arm, and basically the whole Buick brand by now are rebadged Opels.
Well, it's just the D2XX platform, which underpins the Cruze/Astra, Volt and Equinox/Envision/Terrain. Now that the work is mostly done on the platform and most of the models have been revealed, presumably the development of the next generation would go back to Korea, or to the US.

Opel still has a number of products on the platform shared with the FIAT 500, including the Karl and Adam.

It's a bit surprising to think GM would just up and peace out of Europe entirely. One byproduct of if they do, however, would be that they'd like fall to #5 in terms of size--behind Hyundai.
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