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I don't mind the 2.5 doors of the Veloster. And I think they should keep it. A friend has one - and they're surprisingly practical. LOTS of room b/c of the hatch, and the .5 door is nice to help people get in and out of. As is par of the Hyundai course - the car can be optioned out and not break the bank - while delivering decent fuel economy and ok performance - in a car that is unique/funky looking. There is a market for a car like this; and at 25K-35K sold per year that point is proved - and not bad for a brand new concept / brand new name (it sold more than Beetle many years of recent).

This said - the styling was polarizing (I happen to like it); tone that down / make it a bit more aggressive without the weird look. Position it more as a tuner (those becoming disenfranchised by Honda Civic), improve the handling / ride - and sales will easily increase by 1/3.
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