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Thanks guys, the timing belt had been done at the 110k mile mark so if I would get it I would immediately park it in the garage and get it done. I wonder if it’s hard to do it myself, I have done timing belts before but not on a transverse layout.

I have seen the GSRs going for $7-9k though they also have lower miles like 90-145k. So despite the cream puff condition I’m not sure if 6000 is too much. My plan is to detail and restore it to a degree, enjoy driving it for at least a year or so and then resell it for a possible marginal profit (unless I end up liking it too much then keep).

I never really liked to look of the ep3 but I just found a black one for $4500 so I might check it out. Though I read it doesn’t have a full vetch engine. The fa5 while newer feels a bit too hardcore and caffeinated and the engine looks to have poor access for maintenance.
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