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Leaked details from XMC:
Model:2010 Xer Bravaria Cruiser
Estimated Price: $250,000
Info: Due late summer/early fall 2009, Xer is nearing the final stages of testing for their future flagship/halo car, the two seater Bravaria. Slotted above the Wave luxury coupe, the Cruiser will be an exclusive GT designed for a night on the town for two. From those who have seen the car in the flesh say the proportions rival those of old GT's mixed with Xer's own style: long hood, wheels pushed to the far corners, silky smooth Waved body surfaces and a unique tail design. The Bravaria will showcase Xer's first full LED head lamps and their new full Tri-Brid powertrain.
Final Verdict:The Bravaria is sure to shock and awe when its unvieled sometime between this fall and early 2009.
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